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Striving To Be A Better Muslimah

Assalamualaikum wbt I bid to all Muslims. Just now, I was googling and I found some awesome tips on how to become a better muslimah. If you are a Muslim girl and feels that you has been lacking in the deen duties, it is never too late to turn that around. Regardless of your age and what you have done. So here it is:

1. Discover what are the influences causing you to turn your back on your religion come. 
Maybe you can trace back the cause to either family situations or friends that are leading you in the wrong path. Leave the friends. They will not be there on judgment day when you have to face Allah on your own. If it is because of family, it is a little more difficult. This is where the next steps will come in handy.

Wear hijab.
If you are truly devoted to turning over a new leaf and becoming the best Muslimah that you can be, you must wear the hijab. The hijab is not just a piece of cloth that covers hair, it changes you mentally and spiritually. Think of it as a way for Allah to protect the women. As soon as you wear the hijab, hopefully, your whole perspective on self-respect and values will automatically change. Consider the additional benefits of the face veil (niqab).

Pray five times a day. 
Before you get on the prayer rug, learn what the prayer words mean to enhance your contemplation within prayer. If you do not speak Arabic, try to find some translated versions of the prayer and take some time to read and understand what the words mean. Start making prayer a normal part of your day, the way eating is needed to us, our spiritual food is prayers.

4. Read the Quran. 
Again, you can read it in English if you are not fluent in Arabic. Reading the Quran will help establish a useful relationship with Allah and will also allow you to understand how beautiful the religion is. Listening to it (you can find videos online) also makes you feel closer to Allah.

5. Learn more about Islam. 
Know what you have to do (which is called ‘wajib’ things) and what you can’t do (haram things). The Internet is a valuable source to search for Islamic rules and regulations and the punishments that apply if they are broken. The punishments may sometimes seem severe, but they are there to protect society and guide the believers to follow the way of Allah SWT.

6. Try to allocate a minimum amount of time each day to Islamic activities.
For example four hours split between salah, Quran and Islamic studies will enable you to build up your relationship with Allah swt and make good progress with acquiring knowledge. Remember that the 5 fard (obligatory) salah are your top priority and you should form the framework of your daily routine around these.

7. Dress modestly. 
This does not mean that you have to look ugly or not stylish. Just be modest. Wear longer shirts and avoid tank tops and shorts. Stay away from clothes that are too tight. Remember that it is obligatory to cover the whole body except the face and hands, which are recommended but not obligatory. This also helps you to change your whole outlook on what is acceptable and what is not.

8. Hang out with good friends.
Going with the theme you may want to make friends who share your mission of being a good Muslim. If you are lucky enough, you might spot a Muslimah your age. Be sure to make friends with a “practicing” Muslimah if you find one. You can tell her how you are trying to be a better Muslim, and she might be able to help!

9. Avoid negative influences.
Including old friends (as hard as it may be, the reward is well worth it) who may have had a bad influence or who bring out the negative characteristics in you. We all have the Syaitan (devil) in us, but it is our responsibility as Muslims to fight these temptations and urges by increasing our faith and spirituality.

10. Forgive yourself for any sins you may have committed. 
You need to let go of past mistakes and work on improving the future. Whatever has happened is done. It is in the past and there is nothing you can do to change it or better it. The only thing you can do is forgive yourself or use those negative experiences as motivation to get better and do good.

11. Notice where your weaknesses are and avoid them. 
This is not to say that you should run every time a guy comes near, but learn to lower the gaze and remember that Allah SWT is severe in punishment. They are not people that you need in your life anyway.

12. Take it day by day. 
If you make it a priority in your mind that you want to strive to be the best Muslim girl possible, you will achieve this goal without even realizing it! Every time you are about to do something, think: “Is this something good or religious?” If it isn’t, don’t do it! Simply remind yourself and be ready to stop yourself, just in case. Every single moment of every day must be devoted to providing pleasure for Allah SWT.

Syukran jiddan, Kak Najwa.

That's all for now, I think this is very a good reminder for me and you. One should never stop in seeking knowledge. The tafakur fi deen, literally the passion in gaining Islam knowledge. Trust me you will love this. Every time you learn a new thing about Islam you will be proud to be Muslim. Every time you feel weak and do not have someone to talk to, remember that Allah is always there for you and He is all you need to accomplish this mission. Whatever happens, do not give up. Together we strive the mardhotillah inshaAllah.


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