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Love After Marriage

Do not put yourself in a position where you have to face fitnah because trust me, you were not made that strong. It doesn't matter if you're getting married to this person or not. What is haram is haram and just because you think that your intellect is above what Allah has told you, and because you don't see things as seriously, does not make it okay.
You want to talk to him? Talk to him after your nikah. You do not need to get to know him and flirt with him and see how his day was and what not before you get married. One thing leads to another and as pure as your intentions may be and as careful as you think you’re being, shaytaan is there and when shaytaan is there, you are blind. Trust me, I experienced it myself. People tend to make mistake. So do I. I'm just realized that Allah make things happened for reason. It is for our own good. Do not blame anyone, blame yourself. Allah is most gracious and most merciful. All praise be to Allah for allowing things happen. Repent, Regret. Allah knows. When I'm telling this, doesn't mean I am a super pious woman and never sinned. But I'm telling this to remind my self and you. Love after marriage is more blessed than love before marriage. Seriously! So keep calm and hakuna matata!

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